Partsilombi Puhkemaja

Nüpli küla
No. of beds: 6
- 10%



A small newly built log house with all modern conveniences in a private scenic environment at a small pond in the hills of Otepää welcomes you. The house is 1.5 km from the centre of Otepää, which means that nightclubs, restaurants and bars are just within a pleasant night walk.

Right behind the house you can step on ski trails. You won’t need a car to enjoy alpine. Just take 500 steps with your skis on your shoulder to the Alpine centre of Väike-Munamäe. In winter you can restore your energy expended on skiing by warming up at the fireplace!

In summer you can go for a swim or fishing in two lakes nearby or lay on the beach of Lake Pühajärve which is less than 1.5 km from the house. You can also light the fire and enjoy summer nights at the pond in front of the house.

The house contains:

      •   4 beds, olso bed for baby
      •   Fireplace and TV set
      •   Kitchen with all necessary utensils
      •   Two bedrooms with a veranda
      •   Sauna with electric heating unit
      •   Washroom and WC
      •   Electric heating

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