Lainela Puhkeküla

Neeme tee 70, Käsmu Vihula vald
No. of beds: 180


OÜ Lainela was established in 1999. It administers a former pioneer camp at Käsmu, which has a territory of three hectares, and which has over 300 metres of coastline, ball game grounds, a dining hall of 400 square metres in size, a bar-café, a big sauna, 180 bedsites in the houses, and a lot of free space where tents can be put up.
Lainela is a great place for arranging corporate events. We can receive guests from May to September. Sampo Bank, the Viru Hotel, the Reform Party, Pro Patria and Res Publica Union, MicroLink, Estonian Public Broadcasting and others have had their Summer Days at our place. We have served 1200-1300 people at bigger events.
As the companies’ Summer Days mostly take place at weekends, there are sports and interest camps for children, youth and adults at Lainela during the week.

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