Soo Puhkemaja

Soo talu, Lombi küla, Tartu vald
Tālr.:+372 5516046
- 10%


A spacious two-storey holiday home is located near the city of Tarto inthe village of Lombi. Tarto is within 10 kms. The 120 sqm holiday homeis well equiped and recently renovated. The cottage has 4 rooms andbeds for 8 people. There is a well equipped open kitchen, sauna and aTV. Possibility of barbequing in the yard. A lake is located 4 kms fromthe cottage.
of course we can offer you delicious meals as well.
In Soo cottage you have opportunity to play paintball. We give you allequipment what is needed to play this game: painball guns,goggles/lenses, armor, 200 paintbullets etc.

Price for that is 300EEK/per person (~20EUR)

When it is necessary you can afford extra bullets for 0,5EEK/piece.

For extra information check out our home page.

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